Non-finnish visitors! Read this first!


This site is hosted by me, Piparnakkeli. I’m a twentysomething years old student from Hämeenlinna, Finland. I have lived in Hämeenlinna for most of my life, but in the fall 2009 I moved to western coast of Finland, to the city of Pori to be precise. I’m interested to review almost all forms of metal, punk and rock music, but also something completely different like synthpop, hip hop and reggae. So all kinds of bizarre shit is reviewed on this site, only sky’s (= my personal musical taste) the limit!

I have written all my reviews and articles in finnish and I plan to keep it that way. However, I have noticed that PPL has reached even some (not many, but few) foreign visitors, who most likely can’t understand finnish (yeah, it’s a difficult language). This site contains some articles, which may raise some interest in non-finnish visitors. Hell, I have even reviewed some material which isn’t probably even heard inside finnish borders!

Pages like Google Translate are one way to translate these articles, but this way has some severe flaws: It doesn’t know what shouldn’t be translated, it completely fucks up the grammar and it doesn’t recognize several finnish words and expressions, which can’t be directly translated. Finnish is rich and diverse language, and I try to utilise it to the full extent. So the results may look ridiculous, so I advise you not try to learn finnish using this site! Try to pick up some single words instead, it’s like collecting the pieces of the puzzle. Those single words can tell much about the given topic. Trust me, I have done that as well…

If you have any questions about me, this site or it’s content, just ask. There’s a possibility to leave comments. Even a short summary of a given review could be possible, if necessary.

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